Who We Are

Educational Pathways specializes in assisting students and families find alternative educational and therapeutic environments which provide safe, supportive care and academic success while nurturing positive growth and change.

We empower students and families to explore various educational and therapeutic options which lead young people towards happier, healthier and more productive lives. Working with children, adolescents and young adults whose educational needs are not being met in their current settings, we provide direction and clarity to the confusing array of educational and therapeutic options throughout the United States.

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Our Process

A collaborative effort between student, parents and consultant, we work together to find the right learning environment for each student. You receive complete individualized attention, guidance and support as we match students with high quality schools and therapeutic programs offering clear boundaries, consistent structure while also encouraging students to grow emotionally and academically.

After your child’s admittance, we remain engaged as an advocate for the family and student throughout their stay.

Lastly, and as important as placement, we safely transition you back together or towards your child’s next educational opportunity.

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